Zimbardo Conflict Resolution (WSIiZ)

Z-Center C & R works at the Institute for Research on National Security. The main objectives of the Centre are implemented in the areas of scientific research, consulting and training.

Prof. Zimbardo

Lecture of prof. Zimbardo in WSIiZ Rzeszow, Poland

On 24th of June 2017, at 17.30 Central European time ...

Conflicts at school: why is it so hard to solve them out?

On June 9th at the University of Information Technology and ...

2016, Dec 7-8: HIP and Conflict Management trainings of Z-Center C&R in Szczecin

In December 2016 7th HIP training was introduced in Szczecin. ...

The Beatles - We Can Work It Out

Sometimes the very good song, created on the basis of ...

Dr Philip Zimbardo

Psychologist, researcher. Professor emeritus at Stanford University, the founder and ...


Heroic Imagination Project, implemented under the program Understanding Human Nature, is entirely developed by Professor Philip Zimbardo.

Projekty Centrum


The professor, who 45 years ago moved his famous “Stanford Prison Project,” as a result of this experience, he decided to devote himself to improving the relationship between the human on the basis of social psychology.

So far, project was carried out in the USA, Hungary, Italy and Poland in the west and central. This project is determined by the professor as a so-called switch social change that after the introduction of underlying mechanisms.

Philip George Zimbardo
American psychologist, is considered “the voice and face of modern psychology.” Since 1968, Zimbardo was a professor at Stanford University, also taught at Yale University, New York University and Columbia University, now retired. Known for testing that have gone into
history as the Stanford Prison Experiment. The founder of the Department of shyness, author of many books, of which the best known is “Psychology and Life” (Psychology and Life), “The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil” (Lucifer Effect: Why do good people do evil?).
The creation of the Center for Conflict prof. Zimbardo is another manifestation sighted by UiTM importance of the role played by modern psychology.

In the next academic year 2016/2017 the university will begin to educate students on the only in Podkarpackie direction of Psychology in management. The authorities have announced that it will be a modern studio focusing on practical aspects of the interactions in the field of HR, psychology, consumer behavior, psychology, branding etc.