Centre for Zimbardo. Conflict Resolution UITM-EEZ (Z-Center C & R) operating in the School of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow is a scientific-research and training.

Members of the Center conduct research, training, lectures and seminars, and publish on topics related to the causes of conflicts and methods of solving them. A very wide range of research Professor Zimbardo, acting in the role of the Centre Senior Adviser, his works, projects and speeches represent, on the one hand, the inspiration for the functioning of the unit, and on the other – are the main basis for programs and training projects.

Members of the Centre will conduct research, training, lectures and seminars, as well as create publications on topics related to the causes of conflicts and methods of solving them. The main basis for the programs and training projects conducted within the Centre is Professor Zimbardo achievements..


What is the Centre?

To participate in the work of the Centre invited representatives of different areas: security professionals, sociologists, computer scientists, psychologists. Centre will use an interdisciplinary approach to conflict resolution, which will get the most effective results. The main activities of the Centre:

  • Research the causes of conflicts and ways of solving them (including publications, participation and organization of seminars, conferences).
  • Cooperation with institutions in order to develop the program “Understanding human nature.” The program offers not only new information in the field of social psychology, but also teaches you how to take practical planning strategies – to immunize simultaneously on the negative social influences.
  • Meetings, discussions and presentations on the above. program in the uniformed services. The findings and proposals concerning the program for the military.
  • Acting as experts in the media.
  • Consultancy in state institutions in the field of broadly understood resolve conflicts – from international security to the conflicts in the school or the family.
  • Implementation of projects with an emphasis on conflict resolution based on interdisciplinary research, with particular emphasis on social psychology.

Popularization of research Professor Philip Zimbardo.