Lecture of prof. Zimbardo in WSIiZ Rzeszow, Poland

On 24th of June 2017, at 17.30 Central European time and 8.30 Pacific time, Professor Philip Zimbardo, who is the Senior Advicer of the Zimbardo Center for Conflict and Resolution WSIiZ (ZCenterCR), founder and leader of the Heroic Imagination Project, made a Lecture for doctoral students through the skype in the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów.

In the Lecture he was assisted by dr Maciej Milczanowski who is the leader of the ZCenterCR. Thanks to the new technologies professor made a lecture from his apartment in San Francisco and shared his knowledge and wisdom with people from Poland.

Professor presented lecture based on his great experience and the whole event was a great advanture for the students. After the lecture there was a Question&Answer session. Students asked the questions and Professor, answering in fact made additional lecture showing how important is to combine theory with practice. In fact that is why he and the ZCenterCR leader founded the Zimbardo Center for Conflict Resolution. It is crucial to be able to combine theory with practice.

As soon as we prepare the video and more pictures from that event, it will be available in this page.