Heroic Imagination Project, implemented within the framework of the program “Understanding Human Nature”, is entirely developed by Professor Philip Zimbardo. The professor, who 45 years ago moved his famous Stanford Prison Project, as a result of this experience, he decided to devote himself to improving the relationship between the human on the basis of social psychology.




So far, project was carried out in the USA, Hungary, Italy and Poland in the west and central. This project is determined by the professor as the so-called. switch social change, which after the introduction of underlying mechanisms starts to work automatically.

All the activities Z-Team manages Professor Zimbardo and leader of the Z-Team Poland, Agnieszka Wilczyńska. The project is under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of National Education.

What are the benefits of participation in the course?

The course will be communicated to all the information needed to conduct classes according to the project of Professor Zimbardo.

You will receive all the materials needed to conduct classes. These are copyrighted material and copying them is not acceptable. Exceptions are workbooks for students that can be replicated. The course ends with the awarding of certificates HIP (Heroic Imagination Project).

The school, which will take part in the training, will be able to use information about participation in the Heroic Imagination Project Professor Zimbardo, a teacher automatically becomes a participant of the project Professor Zimbardo.

Summer is planned arrival of Professor Zimbardo to UiTM in Rzeszow. During the meeting the trained teachers will be able to talk with the creator of the whole program, share your opinions. The project does not end with the completion of training with coach you -can be extended to the training module II, and individual consultations.

The overall program of the course

  • During the course, participants become familiar with the following topics:
    How to overcome the natural human tendency to passively monitor the situation of crisis?
  • What knowledge, tools, strategies and exercises are helpful in overcoming internal barriers, which does not allow active operations in the key moments of his life?
  • What to do to go from a desire to do something good for the implementation of the act?

What will benefit the students?

Through these activities carried out in accordance with the instructions of Professor Zimbardo, students will gain valuable social skills, extremely important in emergency situations,

  • Be prepared to ethical action and compassion, learning about the power of situational forces, arouse his moral courage.
  • They will learn to develop the skills and courage to act ethically, even with the negative social pressure.
  • They learn the need for heroic action in key moments of his life.
  • Understand the phenomenon of the effect of staring, consisting in the fact that the more passive observers in a given situation, the less chance for providing assistance to a person in need.
  • Adequate knowledge and strategies to enable them to take effective action without putting yourself in danger.




390 zł (fee includes: training, certification, materials for classes prepared by prof. Zimbardo and his team translated into Polish, care coaching during implementation of programs)

After the appointment date with the coach, please make payments on account:
Bank Pekao SA, II/O Rzeszów, 86124026141111000039633628
IMPERATIVE with a note:”Szkolenie HIP w ZCenterCR Edycja II”


Set individually.
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